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Other Products

Varna Innovation is actively involved in the Disabled Community. Communication and feedback from customers and athletes today determine product modifications and enhancements for tomorrow. The VARNA Tandem Cycle/Handcycle Hybrid is an example of Varna's ability to design and manufacture a new product via a direct request from a client.

Varna Innovation has actively participated in the custom manufacture of racing wheelchairs as well as "Sit-skis" which have resulted in world championship Gold and Silver Medals in events such as the 'World Championships for the Disabled' in Austria, and the 1998 Nagano Paralympics in Japan, as pictured here with Mr. Daniel Wesley.

Listening to our client's needs, with a commitment to delivering a product capable of achieving world-class results, is the recipe for success that makes VARNA Innovation and Research Corporation a world leader - whether you're competing for a Gold Medal or enjoying the freedom of weekend recreation.

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