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An Artist's Wheels

Mr. Bruce Mohun, reporter from the Leading Edge, a program of great innovations of British Columbia, chats to Mr. Georgi Georgiev, creator of custom made handcycles. This interview is absolutely enlightening! Mr. Mohun shows a video clip of a disabled athlete that is nothing less than completely motivating and spectacular! Varna handcycles are the best in the world and Mr. Mohun speaks with Georgi and his motivation behind creating his world renowned handcycles for disabled people.

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Video of Varna Trike

Varna presents the new Adult Tricycle. This handcrafted model is the great transportation alternative we are looking for these days, especially with the addition of a BionX electric assist motor. The Varna trike is designed with stability and safety in mind. This model comes with a unique patented leaning mechanism. While most trikes become unstable at higher speeds and particularly when cornering, the Varna trike's leaning mechanism lets you corner like an ordinary 2 wheeled bike by leaning into the curve.

Shopping and commuting will become a treat. You can carry large loads with the wide and sturdy basked provided between the rear wheels. You can pedal for a work out or let the BionX electric motor help boost your energy output anywhere from 25%-300%.

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Varna sets new world records in 2009

Sam, Barbara, and Georgi (with his recumbent masterpiece "Varna") continue to amaze! Each September the fastest cyclists in the world congregate in Battle Mountain, Nevada. The reason? Highway 305 - the straightest, flattest, and ideally elevated (4500 ft) road in North America. There's not much else here, in the middle of nowhere, but for the thrill seeking, speed freaks, flying in futuristic contraptions, this desolate place is heaven on earth.

In 2009, Sam Whittingham, riding in a Varna Tempest broke his own world record, reaching the ridiculous 83.8 mph. That's more than 1/10 the speed of sound...with an engine of 1HP (one human power).

Barbara Buatois of France became the fastest woman on earth, shattering the previous record and reaching 75.458 mph with Varna Diablo III. That also makes her the fastest person in Europe and puts her in the top five in the world (men or women).

The Varna Streamliners are designed by Georgi Georgiev of Gabriola Island, BC and named after his place of birth Varna, Bulgaria. Georgi is a sculptor, who doesn't use computer analysis or mathematical calculations and relies solely on his unique engineering instincts and transcendent understanding of how shapes interact with their environment at high speeds. His Varna vehicles manage to hide from the air with stunning efficiency and reach unimaginable speeds.

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Bicycle One-Hour World Record Duel - Damjan vs Sam

World Bicycle One Hour Record Holders Damjan Zabovnik (87.12 km, 2008) vs Sam Whittingham (86.77 km, 2007) duel for new One-Hour record at the Ford Michigan Proving Grounds the afternoon of Sunday July 19, 2009. In an epic match. Sam Whittingham, of Canada, in his newest bike the Varna Tempest overtook Damjan Zabovnik, of Slovenia, in his Eivie II bike, and passed him on the way to a new world one-hour record (56.216 miles, 90.471 km) on the Ford track, the first performance in history over 90 km.

Damjan designed and built his Eivie II. He rides it with his head facing backwards, using a mirror to see forward. The Varna Tempest was designed and built by Georgi Georgiev of Canada.

View is from the Chase vehicle driven by Mike Mowett, the event organizer. Commentating is Julius Makuch in passenger seat, husband of Barbara Buatois, who set two new women's hour records in the same Varna Tempest Friday and later on Sunday after this attempt. Barbara was riding chase in the white van behind Sam with Steve Nash. In the rear seat is Scott Wilson, IHPVA observer, who performed the official records measurement.

Video shown with permission of Damjan Zabovnik, a great competitor. After this pass, he chased hard for at least two laps , increasing his speed by 3 to 4 kph, before slowing down and abandoning the race due to overheating. Damjan had two crashes at the start of the race which caused him not to have a good start. He did not have enough dry ice to keep him cool, which was partially Mike's fault for not buying more at the store prior to the event.

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Barbara Buatois, Womens Hour World Record 84 kph

Barbara Buatois of France sets a new world One Hour Record of 84.0204 kph, (52.2077 miles) riding the Tempest created by Varna Innovation and Research Corporation on Sunday, July 19, 2009 at the Ford Michigan Provings in Romeo, MI, USA. The track is a 8 km (5 mile) oval.

Earlier in the week, Barbara had first set a One-Hour mark of 82.12 km (51.027 miles). The scene in part 3 is as she gets the checkered flag upon completing 13 laps for a new 100 km women's mark. She continued riding after she set the one-hour mark, to also achieve this mark.

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Varna Breaks World Record!

Varna's rider Sam Whittingham sets a new world record on September 18, 2008 in Battle Mountain, Nevada. Sam Whittingham successfully rides the Varna Diablo III to a new world record speed of 82.3 mph.

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Video of Varna II

In this video, Mr. Georgi Georgiev displays to the viewers how easy it is for the rider to adjust the Varna 2 handcycle, allowing quick and safe entry and exit. These adjustments are available on the Varna speedcycle as well.

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Video of Hybrid Tandem

This video, commentated by this happy couples's energetic friend, clearly shows the joy as a disabled and able body couple display riding a custom made Georgi Georgiev Varna cycle! Our delighted customers gifted to us this video to show the joy they now have being able to ride together once again!

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Video of Liberator Big Wheel

Mr. Georgi Georgiev clearly demonstrates that his Varna Liberator easily rides over the beaches' sand and even through the waters edge! Great fun for the adventurer at heart!

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Video of Marathoner 2 wheel

In this video clip, Mr. Georgi Georgiev demonstrates how fast this handcycle is and how easy and smooth with little effort it makes great turns!

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Video of Marathoner Trike

Mr. Georgi Georgiev demonstrates the ease of handling that this trike is able to perform and at which great speeds it also can attain, this trike has great balance and is fantastic!

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Video of Marathoner 2 wheel and Marathoner Trike

Another video of Marathoner 2 wheel and Marathoner Trike.

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Video of Varna Handcycle

Our very happy customer gave to us this homemade video of himself having a great time easily and safely riding his custom made Varna handcycle!

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The Fastest Human Powered Bicycle

This Video shows the innovation behind the creation of these bikes, with comments from the World's record speed holder of 81 MPH. Representing VARNA, Mr. Sam Whittingham. The creative development of these bikes is mentioned and you will be surprised of the materials used and why, a very interesting chat about these bikes. Mr. Sam Whittingham representing VARNA won this event again with a top speed of 76 mph, 5 mph short of his still standing world record speed of 81 MPH!

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Pedal Power

Since the early 1930's people have been creating "recumbent bikes". The first famous recumbent bike was created by a man named Mr. Jeffrey Caswell. He developed an incredibly fast recumbent bike and named it the "Luge" as it is what it seemed to be when he rode it. Mr. Georgi Georgiev has since developed a most spectacular World Record Speed Bike represented by his VARNA Team rider Mr. Sam Whittingham. VARNA'S World Record Speed is 81 MPH.

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